NHN (Neighbor Helping Neighbor)

NHN (Neighbor Helping Neighbor) is a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church that helps those that are in need of some of life's essentials like clothes, shoes, bedding, dishes, furniture, appliances, etc. 
People donate gently used items that they are no longer in need of. Everything that is donated  is then given away for free to anyone that is in need of them. There is no charge to anyone. If you are in need of  clothes, bedding, furniture, etc.  you can call the church to set up an appointment to come and look at what we have or we open the doors several times a year for the public to come in and shop. 

If you have items that you would like to donate, or you are in need of any of the life essentials, please feel free to call the church at 785-594-4101.

Please make sure that all items donated are clean and in good condition. 

Here are a  few examples of  things that we accept:
Clothes (Men's, Women, children & Baby)
undergarments & socks
dishes, pot and pans

hygiene supplies

Some things that we do not accept because of limited space are:
T.V's and big T.V. cabinets
Stereo speakers
CD's, DVD's, VHS's, Records, tapes....Etc.
Super large desks....We take some small desk.
Piano's and Organs
Baby car seats 

Carolyn Woltje, NHN coordinator
Email: nhn@lighthouseofbaldwin.org